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The book "Superlearning"™, the first installment in authors Sheila Ostrander, Nancy Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder’s bestselling series, teaches innovative easy-to-follow techniques for turning potential into high performance. Listeners learn how to master facts and figures, increase language, vocabulary skills, recall, and comprehension power, and learn anything two to ten times faster.

The book "Superlearning 2000"™ is chock-full of now strategies for increasing brainpower and succeeding in life. Techniques for learning with subliminal memory, using music to improve brainpower and recognizing which foods increase productivity and creativity are fully explored. Once the concept of Superlearning is grasped, listeners are taught how to prepare their own program and implement their new skills.


"I Think It's Impossible For Children Not to Learn With the Superlearning Program." - A Boothby, Teacher, Sacramento, California

Superlearning® Guided Imagery for Children
by Nancy Ostrander

Give your child a head start. Early training in visualization and imagination can lead to a lifetime of superior performance. Children enjoy developing these talents with "A Trip to the Country" and "A Visit to the Ice Cream Man," - exercises that grew out of Superlearning® co-author, Nancy Ostrander's work with children at Vancouver's Mind Institute.(Preschool to 5th grade.)

CD / TAPE # 105

Classical Twinkle

by Music Therapist Janalea Hoffman

Relaxing variations on "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" ... for all ages Music at exactly 60 beats per minute.

The music on this CD / TAPE was inspired by Janalea's "Music With A Purpose" CD / TAPE, that has a six minute arrangement of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" designed for adults to take them back to their childhood to explore their inner world. Because of the wonderful feedback, she extended it to an entire CD / TAPE of variations designed to appeal to adults as well as children.

While listening to the music, many people remember childhood stories that were joyful for them. Often the music helps re-connect adults to their playful, anixety-free childhood. A therapist working with court-ordered adolescents in trouble with the law, reported that when he played "Twinkle" in a session, he saw a change in their composure and outlook as they were able to relax and unwind. Their voices changed, their faces relaxed and they "melted" as they told stories of childhood dreams. Other children who previously were afraid of the troubled adolescents stated they now felt safe to be with them! This is one example of the remarkable power of this music.

Classical Twinkle is great for babies, too. Music written at exactly 60 beats per minute helps calm babies and/or hyperactive children. Alfred Tomatis, M.D. has determined that high frequency tones are good for the brain. In this CD / TAPE, a gentle tick-tock beat provides high frequency sounds to feed the brain and at the same time, the constant rhythmic pattern creates a feeling of calm.

CD / TAPE # 959


The Dolphin Song

A Children's Relaxation CD / TAPE

by Janalea Hoffman

Songs, relaxation games and guided imagesry with specially composed music teaches your child relaxation and concentration techniques.

Music therapist Hoffman's award winning CD / TAPE helps children learn - and live better. Improves imagination, creativity, body awareness, brain synchronization. Good before homework, at bedtime, on car trips... (ages 2 to 10)

"Janalea's CD / TAPE helped me when I was sad and had problems. It is even good for grown-ups. I listen to it every night before I go to sleep." - Liz Belson, age 8, Apalachicola, Florida

CD / TAPE # 958  

Superlearning® for Children
by A Prichard, Ed.D.

Help a child keep the learning advantage by knowing how to relax, visualize, use imagination positively, retain the joy of learning and remember better. Exercises geared to grammar school experiences. Recorded by .

CD / TAPE- # 210  

Ideal for home schooling.....

Superlearning® Arithmetic
by A Prichard, Ed.D.

One teacher reports her class learned the "4-times" table in just 8 minutes with Superlearning®. This course features the Superlearning® format and music plus mind - calming. Includes multiplication tables, and basic formulae for the square, rectangle, triangle, & circle. Booklet with text, diagrams, sample problems. (Elementary School Level) 

CD / TAPE- # 212

Superlearning® Mathematics
Geometry & Trigonometry
by A Prichard, Ed.D.

Relax, review and remember geometry & trigonometry. Includes illustrated booklet and sample S.A.T. math exam problems. This course also helps you overcome mathophobia and exam anxiety with the built-in stress control program. Includes booklet and CD / TAPE. (High School Level)

CD / TAPE -# 214

Superlearning® Vocabulary
by A Prichard, Ed.D.

Expand your word power! Have a college level vocabulary. Also designed for S.A.T. exams. Built-in stress control program helps you overcome exam anxiety. Then relax and learn 100 selected vocabulary words in the Superlearning® musical memory format. Once you've tried it you can easily CD / TAPE your own additional words. Booklet with text and quizzes. (85 min.) (High School to College Level)

CD / TAPE - # 213
Accelerating Learning: The Use of Suggestion in the Classroom
by A Prichard, Ed.D., & J Taylor

"4-to-1 speedup in remedial reading!" Prichard & Taylor have achieved remarkable success with accelerated learning for over a decade. Their book details: How to apply the system for various subjects; overview of the scientific use of suggestion; exercises; diagrams; appendix. Highly recommended for teachers, parents and anyone interested in the practical use of Superlearning®. (124 p.)

Book # 211

"Using Superlearning, my class has scored 91% in S.R.A. tests over the past 2 years.
Their scores have been the highest in the school."
R Wallace, Alaska
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Learn Faster "Your conscious mind is very intelligent, and your subconscious is a hell of a lot smarter," quipped the eminent medical hypnotist, Milton Erikson. Superlearning speaks to your unconscious as well as your conscious mind. It gives you ways to insure that your powerhouse subliminal mind is going in the same direction you are.

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