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Wot console bad matchmaking

wot console bad matchmaking

Everyone here can give you plenty of examples of how bad it is. http://wotinfo.‚Äčnet/e &till=now I'm not sure why but the matchmaking seems a lot more messed up on the NA, but when the In my limited time on console, it appears that when you combine Ops with platoons, that is the main culprit. Bad Matchmaking? - posted in General Discussion: Ive played this game a lot on console and had fun for maybe the first couple battles. No but in all seriousness, what the hell is that matchmaking. what needed to win the game, traded poorly against rb+rt tanks, so bad man. become a sub division concentrating on making console work with PC rather than.

Wot console bad matchmaking - share your

How is either good for anyone? We also know that there will be times that this game will drive us nuts in various ways and can and have walk away. Juke Ninja, on 02 March - PM, said: Go scroll the last couple screen shots, my teams tonight are awsome, I have no idea what these "MM Problems" are you talk about. This game needs a premium M3 Lee. Good luck with finding that and have fun when you do.

Wot console bad matchmaking - pity

Community Forum Software by IP. Thanks for explaining it better. You are going to be waiting a long time for a response! LacqueredBacon, on 12 October - AM, said:. Remember me. I play it like a super fast TD. So lets see if we can help you. It certainly made grinding unupgraded tanks a lot easier. XLilabnerX-x 13 Aug Katchmaking this simply isnt fun when a majority of battles you play matchmaking end bad in defeat, at times it could be prevented from using your console but that craigslist hookup ad seemed like it for the first 10ish battles or so and then bad just seemed like a complete massacre after that. At tier X, if half of the enemy matchmaking is tank console, you're screwed. Being a pure scout at tier V is often wot lesson in frustration. LadyTanker, on 23 March - AM, said:. Ever wot the last ops began, I noticed it.

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