Five Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Pilot
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Dating a pilot is hard

dating a pilot is hard

That's a question that's very difficult to answer. Seniority is a relative thing and depends on many factors (size of the airline, aircraft, base, etc). What you (and he​). What is it like to date a pilot and what should you know ahead of time? The schedules can be a hard thing for many people to deal with, but you just need to be. › Dating, Relationship, and Family › Advice.

Dating a pilot is hard - right! Idea

There is no reason to not contact for 3 weeks unless he has another family. No airline drives you 6 hours away from the airport to put you on a tent in the middle of nowhere. All rights reserved. Twisted mindset, sort it out. Which is why I made this post but I also want to make this relationship work since he told me it's difficult being in a serious relationship with someone since he's constantly travelling. If possible, you should try to live close to friends and family that you can hang out with while your partner is away. Because of this, you need to make sure you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy. dating a pilot is hard

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Dating a Pilot - What Kind of Lifestyle can You Expect


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