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Craftsman plane dating

craftsman plane dating

Dunlap planes were priced between Fulton and Craftsman line of planes when Seemingly rare, to date I have only seen two Fulton Circular Adjustable. Probably WWII production since all of the brass and nickeled parts have been replaced with polished blue steel. Dating Sargent and Dunlap Bench Planes - Craftsman Hand Plane Restoration – Part 1. Posted by Bob Rozaieski; Categories Tools; Date January 13, ; Comments 2 comments.

Craftsman plane dating - agree

Meant for really detailed work like on carvings. However, they do make flattening the sole much easier since there is less material to remove. If you care to update your article, here is some information to fill in the gaps:. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Now I happen to have a picture of the 2 I bought below, but think of it more as an example.

Craftsman plane dating - can suggest

Matt Matt Good chance both of these ONLY need a sharpen to work well. Plane with a large, typically round, sole. They specialize in end grain. I want to be able to identify the types of planes not just these. Meant for really detailed work like on carvings. craftsman plane dating

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My Hand Plane Collection. The years Stanley made them and the reason for the types


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